Babette Wasserman's exquisite sterling silver jewellery glows with originality and freedom of ideas. Forever pushing the boundaries of her imagination, Babette begets designs overflowing with confidence and creativity.

Filling the niche between fashion and precious jewellery, Babette's vision has led to a fascinating use of materials, resulting in both bold geometric shapes and soft organic forms. Clever design allows versatility and interchangeability within a single piece, allowing the effortless transition from day wear to extravagant evening wear. A powerful use of colour is observed throughout every collection, emphasising the innate strength of each individual stone, either by juxtaposing complementary colours or by subtly graduating analogous colours.
Babette revolutionised the idea of setting Swarovski crystals into coloured enamel, inviting the eye to glide over the jewel revealing a glittering plane of uninterrupted colour.

Every creation is a true work of art.

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