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Babette Wassermanís status as one of the foremost innovators in designer cufflinks was proven beyond doubt when they were seen on the sleeve of Hollywood heart-throb Antonio Banderas. Over the years such celebrities as Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry andDavid Beckham have been spotted wearing Babette Wasserman cufflinks, so itís no surprise that her silver jewellery is among the most sought-after around today.

Babette Wasserman menís cufflinks feature some fantastically original ideas that combine painstaking architectural detailing with great jewellery designs. Now sterling silver cufflinks can be both fashionable and oozing with traditional charm and with Babette Wasserman silver cufflinks adorning their dress shirts, men can now exude confidence and sophistication like never before. Babette has always been an innovator and her designer jewellery has become known for its uniqueness and intricacy. This penchant for the creative can be best seen in the Babette Wasserman reversible cufflinks which allow the wearer to slide a central disk to show one of two bejewelled sides depending on their mood. Youíll never need to buy boring traditional menís gifts again Ė just peruse our range of sterling silver jewellery gifts for men and youíre sure to find something excitingly different.

The Babette Wasserman cufflink collection
Babette Wasserman Swarovski jewellery and her semi-precious jewellery for men represent some of the most interesting and original pieces in her collection. This contemporary jewellery includes pieces with brilliant crystals, unique designs, a sleek polished rhodium finish, Art Nouveau shapes, carved translucent synthetic opals, fabulously intricate enamelling, and some of the most innovative pieces youíll see anywhere in the world.

Of course, the Babette Wasserman collection is also renowned for its spectacular earrings, necklaces and rings for women of all ages and tastes. Please feel free to browse around this website to see our entire collection for both men and women, and donít forget to view our Limited Edition section, where short runs of new and beautiful designs are presented in all their glory.