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Babette Wasserman necklaces, much like her rings, cufflinks and earrings, reflect the progressive, innovative style of their designer. This elegant designer jewellery, semi-precious jewellery and Swarovski jewellery is made from the finest sterling silver that money can buy. Some pieces are then cloaked in 18 carat rose gold or rhodium and adorned with Swarovski crystals or semi-precious jewels. Babette Wasserman designer necklaces are intricate and desirable works of jewellery art, created to evoke interest and envy from all those who see you wearing them.

The versatility of this sterling silver jewellery is most obvious from the consideration that Babette Wasserman has put into her design. Several of her pieces are reversible, with different jewels on either side; some allow for the pendant to be removed so that the chain alone may be worn or exchanged for another, while others can have their pendants detached and worn as rings. It is this attention to detail that has won Babette Wasserman her reputation in contemporary jewellery.

Material used in the necklaces
Sterling silver, 18 carat gold, rhodium, Swarovski crystals, numerous semi-precious jewels and a lot of love go into a Babette Wasserman necklace. They are not fashioned from just any combination of materials Ė every stunning Babette Wasserman necklace takes time to design, to find just the right colours and shapes to merge into a single unique piece of jewellery that both Babette and the wearer can be proud of calling their own style.

Babette Wassermanís gifts for men and women
Silver jewellery is at the heart of every Babette Wasserman range, whether thatís the menís gifts of silver cufflinks or the diamond-cut silver chains of her necklaces from which are hung the sparkling cubic zirconia, coloured Swarovski crystals or other intricately designed pendants that are also often created at least in part in silver.

Babette Wasserman jewellery makes the perfect gift for anyone with style, taste and an appreciation for beautiful design.