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In general, Babette Wasserman men’s cufflinks are considered to be among the most artful and fashionable in contemporary jewellery today. These sterling silver cufflinks represent some of the most dazzling and innovative designs in the Babette Wasserman collection, and have a steadily growing popularity across a broad spectrum of society. Featuring some of the most revolutionary designs in sterling silver jewellery, such as reversible cufflinks that offer the wearer two completely different options, and radically original shapes and forms, the cufflinks in the Babette Wasserman collection epitomize the designer’s creative spirit. These bejewelled silver cufflinks make great gifts for men of all tastes and are, expectedly, among the most sought after items on this website.

Materials used
These designer cufflinks are made from a foundation of sterling silver, though some in the range are finished in 18 carat gold or rhodium for added lustre. To inject a little sparkle into your life, Babette Wasserman semi-precious jewellery and Swarovski jewellery also incorporates the most perfect coloured crystals, cubic zirconias, onyx, synthetic opals, mother of pearl and enamel in a surprising variety of shapes, designs and combinations. Each cufflink face features a beautiful hand-sculpted design that offers the wearer an air or elegance and style.

Babette Wasserman [url=http://www.babette-wasserman.com target=_self]silver jewellery
The jewellery from the Babette Wasserman’s collection is not restricted to men’s gifts alone. Her designer jewellery is both affordable and stunningly exuberant.
• Her earrings range from perfectly formed jewelled heart-shapes to more lavish fluid chiffon-like ones hand-woven from sterling silver.
• Her necklaces range from two-sided pendants on sterling silver chains that can also be removed and worn as rings to the stunning Angel Wing pendant which is hand-set with 110 cubic zirconia crystals.
• Her rings range from the simplicity and elegance of a hand-carved rich purple cubic zirconia cocktail ring to the unabashed opulence of a sterling silver ring set with 600 graded Swarovski crystals.