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Babette Wasserman’s line of contemporary jewellery contains numerous pieces that incorporate the ever popular twinkle of precisely cut Swarovski crystals. Her Swarovski jewellery includes rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and even men’s gifts such as cufflinks, all lovingly adorned with a rainbow of perfect jewel options.

Her Swarovski crystal-inspired jewellery is certainly the most colourful in the Babette Wasserman collection. Its many and varied pieces include a stunning ring set with over 600 graduated coloured Swarovski crystals, show-stopping cufflinks sporting thirty-two multi-coloured Swarovski jewels set in a rhodium-plated sphere, and necklaces designed around a single amazing Swarovski crystal.

Babette Wasserman semi-precious jewellery shows a creativity and innovation that has helped to build both the brand and its popularity.

Materials used in Babette Wasserman’s Swarovski Collection
Babette Wasserman’s Swarovski collection sees an array of black diamond, morion, champagne, purple velvet, red, or green coloured crystals set in her sterling silver jewellery. Most of the pieces in the range are then luxuriously finished in rhodium or rose gold for the additional splendour it affords them, whereas others maintain their silver jewellery purity.

The other materials used in this collection are chosen for their unique aesthetic qualities. Aquamarine and amethyst are the most common as they perfectly finish off the designer jewellery that Babette Wasserman is so famous for.

Popular Babette Wasserman pieces
Pieces from Babette Wasserman’s Swarovski collection are ideal gifts for men or women. The versatile nature of her designs can most clearly be seen in her necklace and cufflink ranges. For instance, one of her flagship pieces is an amethyst and rose Swarovski crystal two-sided pendant that can be worn showing either side or removed from its silver chain and worn as a ring. Then there are Babette Wasserman’s unique two-sided cufflink designs that can show either sparkle or matt jewelled fronts depending on your mood.

It is amazing how the incorporation of these Swarovski crystals alone lends so much class and shine to Babette Wasserman’s diverse line of designer jewellery.