This ring was a family heirloom dating back to the 1800’s, originally belonging to a great aunt of Klara’s fianc√© who’s portait is featured in one of the photos. The lady had removed the precious emerald as she needed the money to pay for her eccentric bohemian lifestyle and replaced it with glass.

Now the ring was to be used as a proposal ring for a young couple but needed to be completely refurbished as it was falling apart.

I gave different options of stones to fit in the customers budget, the chosen stone was a 9.48ct green tourmaline

I had the chosen stone recut to fit within the ring, we made a new setting, reset any diamonds that were loose and filled in many holes from years of wear and tear.

The newly refurbished ring is stunning and I’m sure it would make their ancestor proud!

Made the ring better than I could have imagined.