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Babette in ‘The Modern Guide to Fabulousness’ by Bethanie Lunn

I was thrilled to be included in Bethanie Lunn’s new book which she launched at a Champagne event in Covent Garden, London.

This wonderful A to Z guide is a lifestyle bible – like having your own personal guru to help you look and feel your best and become a godess in the kitchen and in the bedroom!  

Nestled between ‘Fashion must-haves’ and ‘Fashion godsends’ sections,  Bethanie says [about Babette Wasserman Jewellery] “Personally, I don’t think you ‘ll find anything that compares in the same market: every piece sparkles with grandeur”.

“Bethanie separates the so-so from the sensational. Let’s hope she takes her gentle wit and her quest for fabulousness global” Elle Macpherson

‘The Moder Guide to Fabulousness’ is available at all good book stores and online.