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Glastonbury Calling

Festival season is upon us and this weekend the sun will be shining over Glastonbury. So here are our tips on how to look cool in a field.

1. Layer your look. Bring a key piece like a long necklace to wear over T-Shirt or a jumper and layer up with a short necklace. Its all about mixing.
2. Wear rings on your index finger, thumb and every finger if possible. This is a key look this summer. Festivals are fantastic times to try out new looks and push your boundaries of style!
3. Put a chain in your hair! Head bands and hair accessories are all the rage and putting a beautiful chain on your forehead will make you stand out in the crowd. A nod to the ’68 Woodstock look with a precious twist. Try our long Pollen Necklace fastened in place with a hair slide, its a look you may end up sporting all summer long!

Enjoy and look good!

Glastonbury with chain