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Men’s Styling Hacks: Adding Some Edge To Your Formal Wear

Awards season has once again inspired men everywhere to raise their fashion game for upcoming formal events. Everything from Timothy Chalamet’s all-white suit to Chadwick Boseman’s fashion-forward look indicates that men may have to set aside their classic tuxedo for now in favour of edgier styles for important events this year. If you’re wondering whether you can pull off a risky look for a wedding or are having second thoughts about wearing a bright blue suit, fear not. You can certainly update your look simply by styling your formal wear to give it some edge. With the right accessories and a touch of colour, you can stand out in a sea of black tuxes while still looking appropriate for special occasions. Here are a few styling hacks to add some edge to your formal wear.

Go for a brightly-coloured pocket square

Pocket squares come in many colours and patterns and are available in different sizes. Instead of matching your pocket square to your tie, think about picking a pocket square in a complementary colour to elevate your outfit. Some great pocket squares that we like see: Eton pocket squares or Drakes for a classic British fun look. And why not go the extra step add one of our gorgeous Origami Dinosaur Pins to your tie?

Pick bold accessories

Pick edgy cufflinks in quirky shapes —a pair of our Bicycle Enamel Cufflinks or even the totally endearing Balloon Dog Cufflinks will be sure to be a conversation starter!

Pick an elegant bracelet with a strand of originality and a splash of colour. Opt for the Cable Stone Bracelet made with Onyx semi-precious stones and a Yellow Jade hand carved Buddha Bead at the back which will give you luck and long life…. what more could you want!