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Your Guide to Repurposing Vintage Jewellery

Having your own bespoke piece of jewellery made is the perfect way to transform a jewel that you perhaps never wear anymore, or an heirloom stone or jewel that is not quite your style. Repurposing your jewellery is the perfect way to blend your personal style with elements from your jewel that hold sentimental meaning to you.

At Babette Wasserman, we will guide you through this exciting journey with a step by step explanation of the process of creating your custom-made jewel. Through your input and Babette’s design guidance, we will repurpose elements of a previous jewel. You will end up with something quite unique and meaningful, that you will love to wear for many years to come


The first step of redesigning a jewel is the consultation stage where we will by face to face meeting, zoom or by phone to find out more information about the piece you wish to refresh and what kind of design you are looking for. Should it be a ring, earrings, or perhaps a pendant? From different metals to additional gems, a personal story to be incorporated into your piece, the possibilities are endless! After the initial discussion of ideas, Babette will sketch suggested designs and bring your design to life. A second meeting is arranged to formalize this so the customer can select their favourite design.

CAD Rendering

Once the client has decided on a design, and agreed the budget, the ring is often rendered in a 3D CAD software. This is a wonderful way to view a realistic version of the design. Clients would get an accurate representation of the jewel and can at this stage discuss any adjustments that they would like made to their unique piece.

Wax Model

Once the client is happy with the jewel, a wax model is then produced from the 3-dimensional rendering. This is created with the exact measurements and details of the final jewel, but in wax. If the client is present in UK, they are invited to come along and try this on. Otherwise, pictures can be sent. Occasionally, even the stones are placed into the wax model ring to give the customer a real idea of the final look before the next stage, when it will be cast in precious metals.

Final Product

Using the lost wax technique, the ring is cast out of precious metals. The piece is assembled, soldered and polished, ready for the next step, which will be the setting of your repurposed stones and/ or and using new ones. The last stage is a final polish and hallmarking before the item is presented to the customer.

The bespoke journey to create a unique jewel takes from 6-10 weeks, depending on its complexity. The client is involved and updated every step of the way, which makes this all the more personal and helps them feel confident during the entire process. Babette is an award-winning designer who has been creating jewellery for more than 20 years. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement and satisfaction of a happy client when they receive their dream jewel.

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