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Babette Wasserman Blog » Street art during Pitti Show
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Street art during Pitti Show

Babette Wasserman stand 2 clet florence exhibition




We launched our new beautiful Cufflink collection in Florence at the renowned Pitti Uomo Show in June.

While walking through the picturesque cobbled streets with my sales team, we landed upon these humorous street signs that we loved. Clet Abraham, a French artist living in Italy, was responsible for these cheeky signs dotted around town.      A black silhouette sneakily carrying away the white no-entry bar or the straight ahead only white arrow cleverly transformed into an angel with wings complete with halo.                                                                                http://www.cocacolla.it/arts/clet-abraham-sticker-art/?lang=en

Here is a picture to illustrate this and one of our international theme stand at Pitti.